Malice and Friends

I’m Malice – I’m just an ordinary girl with extraordinary stories and a vivid imagination. Some time ago I fell down the rabbit hole and have been trying to find my way out, making my way through tumultuous drug filled adventures, consumed with sex and secrets.

I created this blog with the intention to share my stories. This is a collection of my own personal thoughts and feelings, inspired by different elements and circumstances. Some have been shared with me, others I’ve lived through – a collection of tales created on my version of truth and submerged in a fictional universe inside my head.

As someone who suffers from chronic depression, I found writing to be my outlet for releasing emotions into the world. My way of discarding of some emotions while allowing new ones to enter. I found writing to be cathartic and therapeutic. Over the course of time, I developed a universe with different characters, different settings, different plots – this curated universe became a bleak representation of how I saw the world around me and the people In it. I am the anti – hero in my world plagued by temptation and desire and antagonized by the devil. The devil is the mad queen, the mad hatter, the tricky Cheshire Cat, and the rabbit as my keeper of time lost in wonderland. He is a pronounced character built on and described by many sub characters, serving as a metaphor and sole representation of all that is bad in the world and most importantly bad for me.

As you will find, There is no chronological order as time and space cease to exist or bear relevance in a universe inside my head.

Hope you enjoy a small glimpse into my mind and the chaos that surrounds it.

I am Malice and this is my wonderland.